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Set of 3 Deodorants ( Lords, Oxford, Chelsea )

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NEXT LORD (150ml)
NEXT ENGLISH LEATHER LORD Perfumed body spray for men with a sensual aroma that emanates from a pleasing blend of floral orchids, violets, roses, and blackberry musk. One of the best Fragrance you can get to carry out your routine and with the confidence of 24-hour protection from sweat

 Fragrance Notes:

• Top notes- beautiful blend of floral orchids, violets, roses, and blackberry musk that creates a sensual aroma that will bring excitement to your everyday activities.

• Heart notes- Cinnamon, lavender, angelica, and ginger.

• Base notes- Feature a blend of natural oud and patchouli sandalwood, tonka bean, oakmoss, and vanilla.

• Passionate and seductive aroma that rejuvenates your love with your partner

• Body spray for men which is perfect for an exciting night out or date. 


Oxford Body Spray 150 ml

A UNISEX body spray inspired by the style of London. A flawless blend of woody and floral scents that makes you feel like you are in London. For men and women who love English elegance. The base notes contain Sandalwood which reduces stress and enhances mood perfume is a perfect blend of the woody and floral aromas. 

 Fragrance Notes:

• Top notes- Aldehydes, Ylang-Ylang and Neroli

• Heart notes- Jasmine and Rose

• Base notes- Sandalwood and Vetiver among others.

• Sandalwood which keeps your mind calm

• English style UNISEX body spray fragrance that has not match



NEXT Teen body spray for women which keeps you flowery fresh. Designed essentially for the carefree and free-spirited woman. A fragrance that gives you splashes of happiness. Mysterious and dreamy, biting cranberry with a sharp rose narcotic twist. An overdose of Massoia wood and black vanilla. The mash-up of living it all. Her wake is woody, floral and fruity, built around a fragile rose.

 Fragrance Notes:

• Top notes- Neroli and Black Pepper

• Heart notes- Jasmine, Rose, and night-blooming Cereus

• Base notes- Vanilla and Cashmere wood

• Blossom like fresh flower    

• Never-ending eternal bliss of joy with BODY SPRAY FOR WOMEN

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