Top Arabian Oud perfumes and prices available online in India Why buy from Dubai?

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Customers these days are fond of Oud Perfumes and lots of people keep on asking about the best Oud perfumes that can create an amazing aromatic environment and make one feel relaxed. Some of my friends have Oud Perfumes on their shopping list while visiting Dubai. This brief article will give you a list of best selling Oud Perfumes available in India. Interesting thing is that you can buy Oud perfume or get something amazing from an exclusive range of Arabian Oud Perfume online. You can order the best Arabic perfumes for ladies or get an exclusive range of Arabian Oud perfume of your choice and get them online, especially not required to procure from Dubai.


Wearing a scent is practically about smelling keen and clear respectable. Picking best fragrances with reasonable rate or getting something aromatic and amazing from so many perfumes is quite difficult and confusing. It's not subsequently hard to look out Arabian oud perfume product or Arabian fragrances or beautifying agents here in the Asian nation particularly in India at present. A few on-line sites like Fragrantiz, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay etc sell such product with promising rates with a lot of collections. Put simply, you can buy Oud perfume online from a selected e-commerce site that sells perfumes and aromatic products. These amazing products are made of using pure ingredients and products that are collected from different natural sources. Choice is yours; you can buy Arabian Oud Perfume online or choose the best perfume in your preferred quantity and get delivery right to your address. 


Here is the list of some of the best Arabian Oud perfume that will surely make your mind to choose and purchase the best one to add extra aroma to your clothes and feel well-fragranced all the time.




Strong and powerful, the Axe Signature Eau de Toilette will keep you feeling fresh and confident all day long. Made of exotic and refined ingredients, this perfume will leave a lingering trail of fragrance wherever you go. One moment it’s tart mandarin, the next warm oud, then the sweet scent of vanilla before diving into a dark and smoky cloud of tobacco. This unique blend of fragrance notes will mesmerize you. It is one of the best options for you, if you are going to buy Oud Perfume.


Silverscent Long Lasting Eau de Perfume by NEXT Care 100 ml (Rs 399)


This perfume for Unisex is an enchanting perfume for both men and women. Fragrance is LONG-LASTING as it is manufactured using CP technology for the first time in India. Make every Rich, mesmerizing fragrances in a slick and elegant glass bottle with premium perfumes is also a perfect gift for your loved ones. Open with notes of pear, raspberry and saffron followed by Heart notes of Bulgarian rose and orange flower dries down to base notes of natural Oud or Audh oil and patchouli.


Goldenscent Long Lasting Perfume by NEXT Care 100 ml (Rs 549)


At the elegant range of NEXT  most popular  fragrance is the Golden scent by NEXT, the guardian of Easter traditions. Find the spirit of the Oud, baffling, old and woodsy, where man and lady are cleared away into the equivalent wake. Black Aoud is a sensational scent – however don't mistake that for excessively strong. It's medium bodied and rich, a gurgling elixir of smooth rose and the leather feel of labdanum, blended with otherworldly oud tree oils. It's an  adventure to some place where you've presumably never been and will ask to come back to… everything necessary is a little whiff of this stunning, uncommon fragrance. In the event that you look for a profoundly exasperated rose and oud aroma, one that would have scented the splendidly colored pads of a group of concubines, you need look no further.


Rasasi Attar al Oudh 20ml 


Attar Al Oudh Red 20ml by Rasasi is an Oriental Floral scent with perfectly pure Oudh notes for ladies and men. Attar Al Oudh by Rasasi is a sweet, oriental scent. The top note is flower with woody notes. Saffron is found in the heart, while vanilla, musk and Oudh structure the base. A delightful scent with a charming sweetness, Attar al Oudh is used by the ladies and men.


Mukhallat Aloudh 20ml Perfume Oil By Rasasi (Rs.920)


Mukhallat Aloudh 20ml Perfume Oil By Rasasi with Mystical Arab Traditional notes. A genuine combination of Aroma and agarwood for unisex. Flower, woody, Musky and ambery The scent is a cutting edge oriental mix beginning with a crisp and dynamic top note of Bergamot, new germanium and marine accords.


Afnan Dehn Al Oudh Abiyad (White oudh) 50 ml Spray (Rs1100)


It has a Woody Floral Musk scent with herbal, woody notes and musk. The enchantment starts with new and woody, to soften into a warm, medium-musk note. A solid woody scent is the premise. The bottle is beautiful which perfectly suits to this perfume. Dehn Al Oudh Abiyad is a woody oriental aroma recommended for the ladies and men.


Lailat Elomer 20ml By Al Rehab India (Rs.1800)


Lailat Elomer has a wonderful scent made out of oud mubakhar (agarwood raisin) and rose, and kept in a rich and alluring 20ml glass bottle for ladies. Most recent expansion from Al Rehab.


Ajmal Mizyaan 16ml Perfume (Rs.1850)


Mizyaan 16ml Oil has a floral spicy notes with saffron, musk, woody and amber notes that gives the fragrance it oriental charm Musk and floral notes dominate the heart, transcending into a long lasting base that is comprised of woody and ambary notes.. It is the best perfume for men and women from Ajmal perfumes.


Based on my research, I believe that you can buy Ajmal or Rasasi Oud perfumes if price is not an issue. If you are looking for quality, price and long-lasting Oud perfume then Silverscent  by Next has to be the obvious choice.


Each one is unique and comes in a variety of packing options that will also leave a remarkable impression. You have to choose the right Arabian Oud. Prices are competitive and different from each other. 


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