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Who does not love a good perfume? The secret to smelling great may not always be a luxury perfume, as some of the reasonably priced ones can work admirably well. With expensive, branded perfumes flooding the market – mainly ranging from popular men’s perfume to the best long lasting perfume; it is not always easy to spot an affordable option. This article is all about details of top 10 long lasting perfumes that will surely leave a lasting impression and provide you with a list of the popular men’s perfumes which are available to the Indian men.


Olfactory scents come with a lot of responsibility. While for most men, top long lasting perfumes must emit a great odour (all day long), for the rest, they're almost like a part of good manners. Besides, the girls love a great-smelling man anyway. Point being, perfumes can almost be called a necessity of life — every human needs it and should own one. Select the right area, spray and off you go. In simple words, a well-fragranced and aromatic perfume leaves a lasting impression and often persuades others to think about the products you use. Choosing the best one from top 10 perfumes for men will be far easier, by going through the details given below 


You might be wearing the most stylish clothes, keep a well-groomed beard, have your hair done right and even harbour a chiseled body - but often times, the most underrated element of a man's ensemble is the fragrance he is wearing. A good perfume, especially the right one from a range of best long lasting perfumes can, more often than not, make all the difference in creating a lasting (and impressive) impression. So on that note (pun intended!), here are top 10 perfumes for men in India which will add that much-needed edge to your aura.  


But again, everything comes down to budget constraints. Hence browse through the list of the POCKET FRIENDLY best perfumes for men or something unique and special from the popular men’s perfume. Each perfume brand and odor will leave a lasting impression and will surely persuade to you add one or more in your collection to feel scented in a different way every time.  


1.AXE Signature Gold Dark Vanilla And Oud Wood perfume


This surprisingly fresh smell is cheaply priced and, thus, is a total catch. This one of the top long lasting perfumes is a refreshing fragrance and tends to last all day and makes for an extremely popular fragrance to have in your collection. The key ingredients being dark vanilla and oud wood, the perfume smells warm, sensual and woody. The best part of this has to be the price that will not make any affect on you. So, hurry up and get your hands on this!


2. Envy Men Perfume  


Envy Men Perfume is a rejuvenating fragrance perfumes, of course making its presence remarkable in the list of top 10 perfumes for men that has a soothing and masculine scent. It is a aromatic fougere fragrance for men. It opens with fresh mix of green notes with woody undertones. The packaging is not that good but yes, it is a decent fragrance. It is a perfect evening wear scent at affordable prices. Popular men’s perfume is sure an amazing option to enhance your experience and will provide you an amazing way of enjoying wonderful time. 


3. Park Avenue Eau De Parfum - Euphoria


Fogg perfumes are doing pretty well in the Indian markets for the obvious reasons: they are good and also cheap. This strong, masculine scent is a scintillating mixture of fragrant notes, which is just amazing for romantic evenings. The brand assures you no less than 800 sprays from the beautifully packaged bottle.


4. Fogg Impression Scent for Men


Fogg perfumes are doing pretty well in the Indian markets for the obvious reasons: they are good and also cheap. This strong, masculine scent is a scintillating mixture of fragrant notes, which is just amazing for romantic evenings. The brand assures you no less than 800 sprays from the beautifully packaged bottle.


5. Next Naughty Black for Men


This perfume is now the one of the best choice for teenagers or college-goers living on a tight budget.

This Is a dramatic, classic scent that brings a touch of excitement to everything you do. Lavender, citrus and spicy berries mix with sandalwood to create a distinctive scent. This men's perfume is ideal for casual occasions, whether you are exploring the city or walking your dog. Apply it to your pulse points before you leave the house, and enjoy the attention this masculine fragrance attracts throughout the day.


6. Engage Yin Eau de Parfum 


Infused with a fresh green citrusy fragrance, as well as hints of spicy and earthy notes, this Yin EDP from Engage makes for an incredible and cost-effective addition to any man's grooming regimen. Just one spray from this cologne is enough to engulf you with the aroma of pineapple, black pepper, amber and patchouli, making it one product you simply cannot miss out on.


7. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Eau De Parfum


The most affordable perfume on our list, this Ultra Sensual variant from Wild Stone is perfect for those who are on a tight budget. As the name suggests itself, using this cologne before you go out for a casual clubbing scene or social gathering with your friends will make you a hit among the ladies.


8. Denver Natural Hamilton Blue Perfume


Infused with a long-lasting and light fragrance that will last you up to seven to eight hours, this Blue Hamilton fragrance from Denver are yet cost-effective and luxurious cologne you could opt for. Not only does it come in a classy and stylish bottle, but it's also incredibly soothing on your skin, giving it greater utility. 


9. Next Men in Blue Perfume


This men's fragrance possesses a blend of litchi, mandarin orange, lotus, bergamot, orange, brazilian rosewood, sea notes, tonka bean, amber, musk and benzoin.This Gentleman Adventure perfume from NEXT makes for a long-lasting fragrance that is guaranteed to make you a hit on your next Tinder date. 


10. Set Wet Studios X Perfume


Set Wet is infused with notes of sandalwood, citrus, rose and vanilla, making it the perfect accessory to accentuate your outfit. Spraying this cologne on before your next social outing will make sure that you leave a positive and lasting impression, without burning any holes in your wallet. 


Choice is yours; you have to choose the right one from the list of popular men’s perfume or from the top 10 long lasting perfumes. They are from different big brands and available in different price tags. Place your order online and get the right one and stay fragranced all the time. 



  • Hi,

    During my research I found the following to be best in Indian hot-humid (e.g. Chennai) weather:
    1. Office: Confused between Mont Blanc Individuel vs Oud Kalakas King vs Armaf Odyssey Homme Black vs Inside Aroma Wood Cinnamon?
    2. Casual/ Holiday: Confused between Armaf El Cielo vs Lattafa Najdia vs Armaf Hunter Intense vs Oud Kalakas Blue Sky vs Armaf Bucephalus XI vs Armaf Odyssey Homme White?
    3. Party: Confused Armaf Bucephalus XI vs Rasasi Daarej vs Zara 9.0 vs Zara Gourmand Leather?
    4. Date: Confused between Armaf Craze vs Aramaf Niche Oud?
    5. Night Function (E.g. Wedding): Confused between Zara 9.0 vs Zara Man Gold vs Rasasi Daarej?
    6. Day Function (E.g. Reunion): Armaf Bucephalus XI vs Zara Man Silver?
    Kindly help me selecting one in each section or if you have better options, let me know. As you can see, I am looking for cheaper options like less than 2k except for Mont Blanc.

    As a fragrance reviewer, you should have tested different fragrances for different occasions. Thus, you will be able to list the best affordable fragrance for each occasion like office, date, party, casual/vacation, indoor/ outdoor functions, etc w.r.t to the compliments you have received. Looking forward to your support.


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