Top 9 fascinating facts about Perfumes.

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Top 9 fascinating facts about Perfumes.

by Amrit Pal December 20, 2018

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Here are some interesting facts about perfumes:-
  • Rubbing your wrists after you put perfume is wrong:Perfumes are a complex combination of top notes, heart notes and base notes. Moreover,Top notes are usually more delicate and evaporate faster, whereas base notes last much longer. So,rubbing your wrists together after applying  perfume distorts the balance between the scents.Woman hands pain or holding arm in garden concept.
  • Your nose and brain get used to familiar scents, so you can’t smell your own perfume after a few minutes:-Are you notice that your perfume disappears after a few minutes? The truth is that your nose and brain stop noticing it because it becomes familiar. Once your brain realises that it’s not harmful, it just ignores it. In fact, if you have a signature scent that you use all the time, your brain becomes so used to it that it barely notices it at all, and you’ll only be able to smell the top notes of the scent every time you spray it.

Smelling perfumes
  • Applying a little cream to your pulse points before you spray perfume makes the scent last longer:-Cream is occlusive and holds the fragrance to your skin much longer than if you were to spray the perfume on to your skin directly. Another option for this is to put perfume right after your shower, when your skin is still damp, because the moisture helps retain the perfume. 
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  • When you’re trying a new scent, spray it on your wrist and wait for a few minutes:- Top notes  evaporate very quickly if you spray perfume on wrists . For a more balanced evaluation, wait for a few minutes until the perfume has dried and then sniff your wrist..
  • You shouldn’t be sniffing coffee beans in between perfumes when you’re trying to buy a new scent:-Many stores keep small pots of coffee beans that are supposed to give you a break in between scents. However, the coffee beans just confuse your brain further by throwing a new scent into the mix. Instead of the coffee beans, you should actually sniff something more neutral and familiar, like your clothes or the inside of your arm, to help your brain reset itself.

  •  Perfumes should be stored in a cool and dark place:-Bathroom is not the best place for your perfumes because heat, light and humidity causes the ingredients in perfumes to break down . We recommended you to store your scents in a cool and dark place like your cupboard or even your fridge to help them last longer.

  • Many of today’s perfumes are not made with natural ingredients:Because of mass production, it is not feasible for the manufacturers to use real flowers or real musks in the making of perfumes.  Many of them use synthetic fragrances which are cost effective and longer lasting than natural ingredients.

  • Sniffing several different perfumes in a row overwhelms your sense:-One most recommended step is to avoid smelling more than two or three at a time because it overloads your brain and makes it hard for it to differentiate between different scents. 

What a heavenly scent...
  • Perfume is applied to the pulse points because they radiate heat:There are many reasons behind applying the perfumes on inner wrists and back of the neck. These are pulse points, where the blood vessels are the closest to the skin’s surface – that’s why it’s easier to take your pulse there. These points radiate heat, which helps the perfume radiate from your skin to air.

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      Amrit Pal
      Amrit Pal

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      Onkar Muddebihalkar
      Onkar Muddebihalkar

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