Perfumes vs Deodorants

   Perfumes  vs  Deodorants

NextCareIndia :Perfumes and Deodorants

  • Perfumes are the  fragrances which contain high quantity of essential oils, water and alcohols whereas Deodorants are those fragrance products which are applied on the body to alter the body odor due to bacterial growth.
  • Most of the  perfumes are sprayed on the body and clothes to produces feel good aromas that are attractive to the wearer whereas the deodorants are used on the body directly to mask the offensive body odors caused by sweat and bacteria.
  • Perfume has more fragrance intensity because of the ingredients used in creating a perfume. The stronger perfumes last longer on the body . On the other hand,Deodorants have an element of aroma, but their function and chemical additives make their fragrance intensity less compared to perfumes.
  • Perfumes contain 15-25% fragrance oil in concentrated alcohol whereas  deodorants usually contains 10 to 15% solution of fragrance oil and mild alcohol .
  • Perfume provides complete aroma to your body whereas the Deodorant helps to stop underarm smelling .
  •  Perfume is the more expensive product .On the other hand, Deodorant is a cheaper commodity.

  • Perfume is long lasting as it contains greater proportion of fragrant oils whereas deodorants needs to apply more as it lasts for less time.

  • Perfumes are made by extracting the fragrant oils by pressing and steaming plants while composition of deodorant is based on a chemical neutralization of body odor with the use of chemicals, anti-microbials and metal cholent compound.

  • Perfumes come in spray mists and perfume bottles while deodorants are available in sprays, roll on and stick applicators.

  • Perfume is an luxury item and often worn on special occasion whereas the deodorants are used as an everyday cosmetic item.
  • The intensity of the oils is greater and increases according to the type of perfume being produced. Deodorant contains chemicals to act against the bacteria in sweat and has  small percentage of essential oils or fragrances.

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