An Ultimate Guide to express your inner feelings this "TEDDY DAY" by g

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An Ultimate Guide to express your inner feelings this "TEDDY DAY" by gifting Teddy Bear's....!!!

by Amrit Pal February 06, 2019

We thought that it’s the Valentine Day that is quite important. But in real, it’s the entire week that holds an enormous  importance. So, as far as Teddy Day is concerned it is celebrated on 10th February 2019 . After sharing sweet memories with chocolates, now it's time to celebrate your love with a cuddle. It is the day when  people gift Teddy Bears to their loved ones. Giving a cute and adorable teddy bear to your loved one symbolizes the expression of love. 


 Gifting Teddies is the  only  perfect way to express feelings of love for your partner, whether it is your romantic partner or your friend and  it will surely make your love feels special!. Teddy Bear is a soft toy in the form of bear that spreads charm and also creates the perfect romantic environment! On this day, gifting an adorable Teddy Bear to your beloved and celebrate all the cute moments of your relationship.There are so many different color and sizes teddy bear available in the supermarkets  and on online websites.

Stuffed with love and affection, let these teddies express your feelings this Teddy Day 2K19.But ,the most important thing is that you should choose the perfect Teddy Bear for your love as each colour signifies its own meaning.

 Here are the different meanings associated with different teddies according to their Colors:

1. Red Teddy Bear – Love is in the air

Red teddy bears are common especially when Valentine’s Day is around the corner. But apart from love and affection, red also symbolises power, desire, passion and determination. 

  • LIGHT RED---  symbolises Joy and Sensitivity.
  • DARK RED ---symbolises Courage ,willpower andLlonging.

2.Blue Teddy Bear –  Love is deep

This  colour is associated with the sky and sea .It  symbolises depth, intelligence, truth, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, stability and trust.If your lover gifts you a blue Teddy Bear, it means that he/she is madly in love with you and you are really lucky to have him/her by your side.

3.Green Teddy Bear – I am waiting

Green is the colour of harmony and nature .It states that I am yours and will always wait for you.

4.Orange Teddy Bear – All set to propose

Receiving an orange Teddy Bear as a gift means the person will soon propose to you! .This is an indirect signal; you had better be prepared and look super gorgeous on Valentine’s Day, if you have received an orange Teddy on Teddy Day!

5.Pink Teddy Bear – Proposal accepted

It is most favourite colour among the girls.Pink represents compassion, affection, nurturing and love. This shade of colour symbolises unconditional and never-ending love.It  gives a signal that your lover has finally accepted your proposal.

6. Purple Teddy Bear – Better luck next time

This colour signifies the bond between the “love birds”.Receiving purple teddy means that the person is not interested in you for the time being but possibilities of a positive reply can arise in future. 

7.White Teddy Bear – Already booked

White indicates peace, purity, innocence, and a good spirit.  But for Teddy Day, if you receive a full white Teddy Bear, then it signifies  that your lover is already in a relationship with someone else.

8. Black Teddy Bear – Love is Rejected 

 Black colour indicates ultimate power and elegance.Donot gift this teddy bear to your loved one on Teddy Day!. If you receives black teddy ,it  means someone is politely declining your feelings.

Amrit Pal
Amrit Pal

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