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Most of us use perfumes and deo on different occasions but actually without understanding the difference. This brief article is aimed at helping you to understand the difference between the perfume and deo. This article will help you choosing the perfume vs. deodorant for the right occasion. 

These two words are smell orientated they are special in their creation and their specific use. This article will clarify the contrasts. All of us want to be the center of attraction and smell lovely. Therefore, perfumes and Deodorants are essential for our personal use. It depends upon the choice of the people whether to use perfume or deodorant. Mostly we purchase both of them and don’t know the much difference between them. Perfume and Deodorant pass on a message of flawless smell and extraordinary individual quality. I will try to show differences between these two popular terms- deodorant and perfume with the following table.



Perfume can be sprayed on the body and on dress and it produces feel great smells that are alluring to the wearer

Deodorant is used on the body to cover the body smell brought about by sweat and microbes.

Perfumes contain 15-25% fragrance oil in concentrated alcohol

A deodorant usually contains 2-3% solution of fragrance oil and mild alcohol.

Perfume provides complete fragrance to your body.

Deodorant helps to stop body odour.

Mostly, perfume is the more costly item.

Deodorant on the other hand is low on price commodity

Perfume is mostly used on special occasions as it is costly and come under luxury segment.

Deodorant is mostly used everyday by teens and adults

Perfume mostly comes in designer bottles with designer labels

Deodorant comes in different applicators like alluminium/tin can, roll-on ,gills and stick applicators

Perfume has more lasting effect because of the more ratio of fragrant essential oils.

Deodorant need to apply more times as it has less lasting than perfumes because of less ratio of fragrance compound

Perfume is mostly applied on the pulse points such as wrist , back of the ear and neck and can also be applied on the clothes.

Deodorant are mostly applied on the body points from where sweat and odor is generated


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